Heavy Components Division

Let us make your work easier!

Do you need plate and formed parts cut precisely to size, up to and including welded components. , for your project? We'll be pleased to do all that for you.

If you wish, we in Dillingen will do for you all the initial fabrication operations that you either cannot or don't wish to do yourself

And we will reliably deliver by road, rail and inland waterway, with connections to seaports.

Our staff, and our production equipment and processes, comply with the very highest demands made by European and international specifications, codes and standards. Heavy Components Division, for example, is approved by a whole range of procedures (including, for example, ASME, AD2000, EN 1090).


Products and services

  • Cut-to-size plates and formed components
  • Shells and segments bent to radius
  • Shell courses
  • Welded components
  • Further services
    • Heat treatment
    • Non-destructive testing
    • Precision bending, optionally including edge preparation and recesses/cut-outs or contour cutting


Production capabilities

  • Production shops featuring crane capacities of up to 120 t
    • Production and handling of item weights of up to max. 100 t
  • CNC flame-cutting machine
    • Dimensions: Plate thicknesses up to 200 mm, item weights up to 50 t
  • Four-roll bending machine (forming force: 86 MW)
    • up to 250 x 4,250 mm; cold formed
    • up to 330 x 4,250 mm; hot formed on request
  • Bogie hearth furnace
    • Dimensions: 3,800 x 4,300 x 10,000 mm
    • Heat treatment: N, N+T, Q+T, PWHT
  • Welding processes
    • Manual arc-welding, metal-active gas welding, submerged arc welding
  • Long-seam milling machine
    • Milling depth up to 160 mm, double-J-groove weld
  • Non-destructive testing
    • Visual testing (VT)
    • Magnetic-particle testing (MT)
    • Ultrasonic testing (UT), conventional and TOFD
    • X-ray testing (RT)
  • Destructive Testing
    • Performed by Dillinger's acceptance-inspection laboratory or by appropriately qualified test laboratories, including tensile tests, Charpy notch impact energy tests, for example, etc.
  • Delivery
    • By road, rail or water transport. We have access to the harbour at Dillingen and inland-waterway connections to seaports such as Antwerp, Rotterdam and Gent, for instance.



Link to certifications

Production of new and repair
of existing metallurgical vessels

Forming of
out-of-the-ordinary dimensions

Precision double-J-groove
weld preparation for
diameters up to 7,500 mm

Production shop
featuring 120t and 78t cranes

Top accuracy even
for cold forming of plate
thicknesses of 250 mm

Handling of various
parts up to 100t

Forming up to 7,500 mm

Heat treatment of large
and heavy parts

Production of new and repair
of existing metallurgical vessels

Handling of various
parts up to 100t

Production and just-in-time

Production and
just-in-time delivery

A range of heat-treatment
processes can be applied

Automatic finish-grinding
of welds

Heat-treatment furnace
for parts up to 100t